No. Project Name. County Cost Ksh(M) Donor Status Project Scope No of Beneficiaries
1 Bore holes water supplies Garissa












ADB Grant 90% About 300m3/hour  realised  
2 Garissa Water & Sewerage Project Phase II Garissa 685 BADEA/


44% 7.7Km of trunk mains, 1.3Km Force main, 41km secondary sewers, 368man holes, Pump house, electro-mechanical works and 1000 No. property connections, 70,000
3 Isiolo Water & sanitation Project (Intake Works) Isiolo 89 ADB/ GOK 98% 2No. Intakes, 3No. 500m3 BPT/balancing tanks, 13km gravity mains, connection to the treatment works, testing treatment works. 60,000
4 Masalani Water Supply Garissa 81 World Bank 90% Pump house, and  22.7km distribution lines 20,000
5 Habaswein Water Project Wajir 50 KIDDP 95% Drilling 2No. Boreholes, 5km Rising main, 2No.  elevated steel Storage tanks 150m3, 5no kiosks and 10km distribution lines. 15,000
6 Rumuruti Water Supply Laikipa 45 World Bank 98% 300m3 elevated steel storage tank, 1no 25m3 masonry tank, 3.35km rising main, 10.1km distribution lines, installation of 2no low lift pumps and rehabilitation of composite filtration unit 15,000
7 Moyale Water Supply Marsabit 45 World Bank 95% Drilling and equipping 1No. Borehole, construction of 1no elevated steel 150m3 storage tank, 100m3 Masonry tank, 15km distribution lines, rehabilitation of staff houses, installation of pump at Holale shallow well  and 4No. kiosks 30,000
8 Saka water supply Garissa 13 GOK 98% Construction of intake well, 3km rising main, equipping the well, 150m3 storage tank, 2no kiosks and 2km distribution mains 2,000
9 Mandera Water Supply Mandera 192 GOK 95% 15km pipe line distribution constructed

2000m3 storage constructed

10 Rhamu Water Supply Mandera 55 GOK 60% 5km distribution pipe line constructed

200m3 storage tanks  constructed

11 Griftu Water Supply Wajir 70 GOK 99% 5km distribution constructed

400m3 storage tanks constructed.

12 Eldas  Water Supply Wajir 80 GOK 99%